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I'm delighted to have been selected for the eTeach Register of Trusted Advisors.


This group of Education Consultants have applied, been interviewed, and specifically chosen for the quality of their work in education and the advice and assistance they are offering to others in the profession. 



The KWP Ltd has established a new strategic business alliance made up of successful and experienced companies and individuals currently working as consultants and advisers in the education and skills sectors.  


The collaboration has worked with partners such as the AoC to deliver an innovative sector-led consultancy service, ‘The College Collective'. It has supported over twenty-five colleges in a variety of projects; and worked with the Thames Valley Colleges and Thames Valley Chamber of Commerce to develop collaborative working as part of the Strategic Development Fund and Skills Accelerator initiative.


Dr Kate Webb is the Managing Director of The KWP Ltd. Kate was Principal and CEO of East Berkshire College for 12 years until 2021. During this time, she oversaw a £31 million transformation of the estate and a ‘Good’ Ofsted Inspection in 2008 and 2013. In 2017, she led a complex and successful college merger with a financially failing sixth form college to form The Windsor Forest Colleges Group. Together with staff and governors from both legacy colleges, Kate led the transformation work that successfully capitalised on the benefits and challenges of merger to achieve an Ofsted ‘Good’ judgement for their first inspection in 2020, and outstanding financial health (ESFA Grade 20-21).

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